UberScoot 1000W Electric Scooter

UberScoot 1000w electric scooter review

The scooters are becoming more and more popular as they are relatively affordable and environmentally friendly kinds of transport. Besides, you can cover quite a long distance with them. The appliance requires no special maintenance or fuel to ride. You need just to charge the battery and it is ready to go.

Some people may think that the electric side-kick scooter is only meant for kids. The opinion is not correct. There are models specially designed for adults. The UberScoot 1000W is just the product of that type. Let’s view some of its primary features and benefits.


The features of the product

  • Dimensions

The product has 79lbs of weight, its size is 44” x 24” x 42”.

  • Chain-driven motor system
  • Three batteries

The model comes with three batteries 12V/12AH each (36V battery system).

  • High speed

The scooter speeds up to 24-26 MPH.

  • Long-distance ride

You can cover 10 miles per charge.

  • Long battery life

The battery is meant for 250 cycles of use. Usually, it takes 4-8 hours for batteries to be fully charged.

  • Easy-to-install seat

There is a comfortable quick release seat attached to the scooter.

  • 10-inch Pneumatic tires
  • Some of the exclusive features

Those features include the economy mode button, front, and rear disc brakes.

Benefits of the model

Long-lasting battery

After being fully charged once, the battery system will provide you with 250 cycles of use. In terms of miles or kilometers, you can cover 16km per one charge, which is enough for a one-day ride. The charger is included into packaging, there’ no need to spend extra money.

Safe and reliable way of transport

This mode of transportation allows you to have an everyday fun ride around your neighborhood or house place. It was meant for people who don’t like walking for too long but still don’t want to use a car. The appliance is very simple in use and requires no special driving skills.

Installing the scooter

Beside the model being environmentally friendly, it is also very easy to install and maintain. First of all, you need to read through the instruction manual. There is a detailed information about each part and accessory, same as how to assemble them. All in all, it takes nearly one hour to install the appliance. Just check all the bolts and nuts, also brakes and chain before riding the scooter.


  • Safety is above everything! We recommend you to wear a helmet when riding the scooter.
  • The grown up children (12 years of age at least) can also ride the appliance, but it’s the parents responsibility whether to allow them or not.
  • Those of you, who have no experience of using an electric scooter, should take care of torque and the speed it generates.


  • Smooth and safe riding due to ergonomic features and 10-inch tires
  • The night riding is possible thanks to the LED lights
  • There is a charger included to the packaging
  • Easy installation
  • The appliance can accommodate 120kg of weight
  • The product comes with a 60-days warranty


  • Adjusting the brakes may turn to be difficult for some users
  • Not suited for off-road use
  • Many buyers find it a bit expensive

The verdict

The advanced techniques and energy efficient features make the product very attractive among all the models on the market. The high speed combined with a huge power and durable parts provide an excellent performance and enjoyable riding experience. And, in addition, the long-lasting battery system creates a strong basis for the model to be the best electric scooter around. If you have grown up children, it may become the right decision to bring lots of fun in your family.


UberScoot 1000W Electric Scooter
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