Three wheel electric scooters

More and more people are becoming interested in obtaining scooters these days. Some may think this kind of transport is meant for children mostly, but that’s not quite a right opinion. There are models for both kids and adults. And the fact they require no special skills to ride or an enormous sum of money to purchase makes the products even more popular.

There are plenty of brands and model lines on the market today. Each model is designed in accordance with functionality and age factors. Whether you look for a fun gift for your kid or want an appliance that helps you cover a couple of miles instead of a long walk, you need to search for a specific category of scooters.


  • Top Rated Scooters

  • Weight capacityWeight capacity
  • RangeRange
  • Max. speedMax. speed
  • WeightWeight
  • WarrantyWarranty
  • Customer ratingCustomer rating
  • Razor

  • Power Rider 360

  • Weight capacity120 lbs
  • Range6 Miles
  • Max. speed9 mph
  • Weight32.9 lbs
  • Warranty90 Days
  • Customer rating3.8 out of 5
  • Razor

  • Trikke E2

  • Weight capacity120 lbs
  • Range6 Miles
  • Max. speed10 accounts under one domain9 mph
  • Weight32.4 lbs
  • Warranty90 Days
  • Customer rating4.0 out of 5
  • Pulse Performance

  • Disney Princess

  • Weight capacity50 lbs
  • Range1.5 Miles
  • Max. speed1.75 mph
  • Weight12.2 lbs
  • Warranty90 Days
  • Customer rating4.4 out of 5


The three wheel electric scooter is a perfect decision if you have children 3-6 years old. The problem of balancing is solved due to the three wheels system. But first of all, they are more preferred in terms of safety.

Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

Razor Power Rider 360 electric tricycle review

The model comes in a sleek design with not very large dimensions (27” x 10” x 25”).  Its maximum speed is 9 mph. The model has 12V rechargeable battery that provides 30-40 minutes of riding once fully charged. The charger is included into the packaging. It takes 12 hours for the battery to be fully charged.

The scooter can also cut full 360-degree spins offering high performance and can accommodate up to 120 pounds of weight. The most suitable way to ride it is on the flat ground. The other features of the appliance are as follows:

  • Chain-driven motor
  • Push button start
  • Hi-impact front wheel
  • Dual inclined rear wheels
  • Front-wheel brakes
  • Folding foot pegs and rubber grips


Razor Trikke E2 Electric Scooter

Three wheels electric scooter Razor Trikke E2 review

The product comes with the dimensions 35” x 19” x 35.5”. It offers maximum comfort and safety during the ride, mainly due to its unique design. The model has two platforms to place your feet. It works on two rechargeable batteries 12V each, which provide 40 minutes of the ride. The model has a charger too included into the packaging. As to the other features, you can see the pushing start button, 6-inch urethane wheels, hand brakes, twist grip acceleration, and independent rear brakes. The maximum speed is 9 mph. The product can hold the weight up to 120lbs.


Pulse Safe Start Disney Princess Electric Three Wheel Scooter

Disney Princess safe start 3-wheel electric scooter review

If you have a little princess and want to make a bright and unique gift for her, this model will surely interest you. An easy-to-use scooter combined with a fun ride experience is just the right thing to make you little daughter smile happily. The minimal torque and smooth take-off are done specially for your child’s safety. Therefore, it offers just 1.75 mph of speed.

The scooter comes with a large deck where feet can be comfortably placed. It can hold 50 pounds of weight. To say more, the model comes with a long-life battery meant for 300 cycles of use. The 6V rechargeable battery provides 40 minutes of the continuous ride, which is achieved after 8 hours of charging.


Three wheel electric scooters
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