Super Turbo 1000w Electric Scooter

Features and Characteristics

Super Turbo 1000 Elite electric scooter review

  • Safety and security – the Super Turbo is a very reliable electric scooter thanks to its safe chain drive system that makes the ride smooth even if the surface isn’t in its the best condition;
  • Speed – the maximum speed one is capable of reaching with this particular electric scooter is 30 miles per hour that is absolutely safe for adults. Yet when children or teenagers try to ride it, it is better to look after them as it is a little bit fast for such age group;
  • Speed models – 2-speed models are included in the scooter, they are: Turbo and Econo mode. These two modes have different functions. For example, the Turbo mode covers miles with faster and higher speed, whereas Econo is aimed at slowing down the speed thus saving the charge in the battery. Thanks to this it would not be hard to cover some extra miles with a single charge;
  • Charge time – the battery life is extremely long, it can be charged the whole 600 times before a need to replace it with a new one. The charging itself takes not more than 5 hours for a full charge and consequently high performance of the scooter;
  • Weight – the weight of the Super Turbo electric scooter isn’t very light – it is 85 pounds;
  • Frame – the whole vehicle is produced of high-quality materials and the frame is not an exception. It is made of high tension steel;
  • Variety of accessories – when buying this electric scooter, along with it, you will get the following: seat and seat pole that can be removed, charger, storage bag, tool kit for assembling, LED headlight that is so needed when riding in the dark and, of course, the manual;
  • Some additional features – the Super Turbo 1000w has 3 special and extraordinary features, such as – 1. front end suspension; 2. front and rear disc brakes; 3. front chrome mono swing shock system;


Super Turbo 1000w Electric Scooter Review


There exist many companies that produce a variety of interesting and unique electric scooters. Of course, the majority of the manufacturers are aimed at designing and producing scooters for kids, yet some companies are concentrated on giving some fun and joy to adults. Scooters for adults are more advanced, with higher speed, some additional features and, of course, they are of a bigger size. The price of electric scooters varies too though even with a little budget it is possible to find a right scooter. Yet as a rule – the more features a scooter has, the more expensive it is. Scooter is a type of transport that is cheap, comfortable and that gives pleasure from riding for short or long distances.

Being an adult and having a desire to purchase a scooter, the best option would be the Super Turbo 1000w electric scooter. It is extremely powerful, the price is affordable, the charging time is only 4 hours, the materials it is made of are of a very high quality consequently it is durable and reliable. The cheapest place to purchase it is by visiting the Having this scooter means having an opportunity to ride everywhere from the roads to parks.

Still have some doubts? –  Have a look at its exceptional benefits which you will get when riding it. They will definitely help you to make the right choice and great eco-friendly investment for several years.


Long Life of the Lithium Battery

A lithium battery that is included in the scooter gives every rider an opportunity to ride some extra miles per charge. This type of battery has longer life comparing with some others and consequently better performance. Therefore, this scooter is just perfect and ideal vehicle for those who enjoy riding some extra miles.

Continuing the topic of comparison between, for example, SLA batteries, and lithium ones, that fact that after each charge you get 20 % more mileage is obvious and clear. The lithium battery can be charged up to 600 times whereas any average battery only 250 times. This is the feature that is so loved by the customers and perhaps that’s why the Super Turbo 1000w is the best-buy scooter for adults not only in the USA but in many countries.

Cheap and safe way to move

Of course comparing this scooter with a car, it is obvious that it doesn’t need much maintenance, money for fuel etc. Yet always remember that the scooter even the most powerful one has its scooter range limit. Therefore when there is a need to reach some place that is not far from your home, the scooter is better and more cost-effective than a car. Consequently no need to drive the car every time you need to go somewhere.



  • The Super Turbo 1000w has a very comfortable seat which will only make your ride even more pleasant and exciting;
  • The battery life is very durable. Plus it takes only about 4-5 hours to be fully charged. Comparing with SLA batteries it is a few times faster;
  • Not depending on the condition of a surface you ride on, the road will always be smooth for you;
  • The cost of the scooter is affordable and it is 100% worth buying as it will serve for more than a few years;
  • The vehicle holds a person with the weight of 300 pounds which means that it is a great transport for people with heavy weight;
  • The speed can vary from 10 to 20 miles per hour depending on the quality of the road as well as weight of the rider;
  • Comparing the Super Turbo 1000w with some other models of the same price – the Super Turbo wins as its motor is more powerful and performance is way much better;


  • The scooter is not waterproof, therefore when raining it is not advisable to ride it for your own safety;
  • As it was mentioned above the battery life is very long, yet when it comes to replacing it, its price is more expensive than of a usual average battery used in electric scooters;
  • When riding this particular scooter it is better to opt for the even roads as it is not meant for uneven ones;


  1. The majority of the customers who purchase the Super Turbo are adults; yet don’t forget that it can also be a great gift for children over 12 years. It is absolutely safe for this age group and they can ride it to their friends’ houses or stores that are located in the neighborhood;
  2. There are 2 ways of riding this electric scooter: by sitting on it and by standing. When standing, it is better to not accelerate it quickly. When you are ready to ride and took a comfortable position then start accelerating it slowly;


Along with the scooter, you will get a special tool kit for installation plus some of its additional accessories. The whole process will take about 1-2 hours depending on your experience. During this time, you will attach the LED light, handlebar and insert a fuse etc. If you are not a novice then it will be about 10-15 minutes. Nevertheless, it is better not to rush and tighten the nuts and bolts very carefully and properly.

When the scooter is completely installed, take an included to the purchase charger and use it for a full charge of the battery.

When going on holiday, some people prefer to take the scooter with them and if you are one of them, simply use the kit tool again to separate the parts. When storing it in a car, it will not take much place. In this way, you will definitely enjoy your holidays.


The main criteria of the Super Turbo 1000w are safety, stability and comfort. The trusted customers leave only positive feedbacks and reviews about this electric scooter and it is not surprising as it is really of a high quality and with multiple interesting features and accessories.

Of course there are some models with the same speed yet cheaper, for example, the Uberscoot 1000w. Nevertheless always have in mind that battery life, durability, weight management etc are presented in the Super Turbo 1000w only. Therefore in terms of investing money for a long period, you will not find anything better than the Turbo Super.


Super Turbo 1000w Electric Scooter
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