RAZOR E200 electric scooter for 13-year old kids

Razor E200 electric scooter review

One of the best companies producing electric scooters is the Razor. The variety of electric scooter models manufacturers offer is just amazing and huge. Moreover, different models are aimed at certain group ages. If you are 12-14 years and you just can’t live without riding a scooter either to school or just outside then the Razor E200 is exactly what you need.

The Razor is an American brand that appeared on the market in the year 2000 and in just a few years became one of the top-ranked and best-sold brands not only in the US but all over the globe. The reasons for that are very simple: high quality, safety, reliability, longevity, latest and advanced features etc. Apart from producing electric scooters the company also designs accessories for such sports as snowboarding, skateboarding and many others. They are aimed not only at kids but at people for all ages.

RAZOR E200 Electric Scooter Review



  • The motor of this particular scooter is very powerful and lets a kid ride at 12 miles per hour which is absolutely safe for a child between 12-14 years. The latest technologies and high-quality materials are used when making the “heart” of every scooter – the motor;
  • The scooter causes no harm to nature and environment and, therefore, it is eco-friendly as well as an emission-free vehicle. Being environmentally friendly means it will never cause any harm to a child too;
  • Security and safety are at the highest point. For example, the acceleration control is easy to control as well as stop using the rear brake. These 2 features ensure that the kid 100% has a control over the speed;
  • The battery has a very long life due to a 24V system. With such system, the E200 continuous run time is over 45 minutes. The 24V battery system consists of two 12V lead acid batteries that need to be charged;
  • When buying the E200 along with the scooter you get a special charger for a battery system. It needs about 12 – 18 hours for a full charge of the batteries and great performance of the vehicle;
  • The measurement of the E200 by Razor are the following – 37”x16”x42;
  • When working the motor makes no noise at all thanks to the ultra-quiet chain. Apart from being not noisy it would also be very easy for a kid to start it with a simple kick start;
  • The roads for riding aren’t always in a good condition. Having this in mind the manufacturers designed a pneumatic front tire that is 8” inch. This means that the ride will be very smooth not depending on the quality of the road;
  • The back wheel is made of polyurethane and is 4.9” inch which gives a nice balance;
  • The E200 has bigger deck and frame for more kids’ comfort to stand and ride, not mentioning the right and again comfortable position of feet;
  • The weight of the Razor E200 is 40 pounds;
  • All the necessary tools for maintenance and assembling come in the package. The assembling is very simple and will not take more than 15 minutes. The maintenance is so easy that every parent can cope with it;
  • The kid’s age group for using this model by Razor is 13 years. All the scooter fans who are below 13 are welcome to have a look at Razor models aimed at children between 8 and 13 years. This is a very important point when selecting an electric scooter as all of them are made according to the size and weight;
  • The presence of a kickstand gives a possibility to leave the scooter in a standing position wherever and whenever the child wants when he doesn’t wish to ride it anymore;


When comparing the Razor E200 with E100, it is clear that the E200 is a more advanced model with better size, faster speed and good throttle. One more its advantage is the bigger size of the frame and deck for more comfortable standing and feet positioning. A kid of 220 lbs weight can ride this particular electric scooter model.

Apart from all the above-mentioned pros of the E200, there are still 3 more main criteria that are most loved by the customers.

SPEED – the scooter is very versatile and multifunctional meaning that it can be purchased even for children aged 11. It is really a great investment in the future as the kid will use it for more than 3 years. Speaking about 11-year-olds there is no need to worry, as the maximum speed is only 12 miles per hour that is absolutely safe. Moreover, it can be controlled meaning double safety and security of your child.

SIZE – the deck is bigger when comparing with the E100 model. Consequently, it is more comfortable while riding. No matter if you are 11 or 14, no matter how tall your are, it will be 100% comfortable for you thanks to long shafts of the Razor E200 electric scooter.

LONG BATTERY LIFE – The continuous run time is the whole 45 minutes and more which is more than enough for a kid before he/she gets bored. The charging is very fast thanks to a powerful lead acid battery system.



  • The Razor E200 was especially designed and manufactured for kids who are elder than 13, yet children of the age 11 can easily cope with riding it. Moreover, all the features and design is comfortable for both age groups;
  • E200 will serve a kid for more than 3-4 years when well maintained;
  • The price is extremely pleasant to an eye and pocket. In fact it is affordable for absolutely every family as it costs from 150 to 190 dollars; for this price you can even select an electric scooter color of your child’s choice and preference;
  • The battery life is very long and exceptional. The most surprising feature is that it is possible to ride the scooter even when the power is run out or turned off;
  • The Razor E200 is capable of coping with kids and adults of up to 220 lbs or 100 kg and ride them at the same maximum 12 miles per hour;
  • Sometimes the condition of the road or any surface isn’t in its best condition, yet a kid will not even notice that riding a scooter thanks to front wheel that is pneumatic and rear tire that is made of polyurethane;
  • E200 size and design are very comfortable for kids aging from 11 and above 13 due to bigger space for feet and long handlebars;


  • When riding in the dark it is not very safe as the scooter doesn’t have any lights. Therefore, it is better to not let your child ride late in the evening;
  • The handlebar that is longer than in E100 isn’t adjustable to a certain length comfortable for a kid. Therefore, it will not suit children who are short;
  • When riding a scooter when the battery is switched off, it will be a little bit more difficult as it is heavier than E100;
  • Lack of built-in locking system when leaving the scooter;
  • Some noise can be heard when riding on bad surfaces;


There simply can’t be any problems when assembling this electric scooter, moreover as the customers have mentioned it will not take more than 15 minutes. Plus, all the necessary tools for installation are included into the package. Just follow these simple 4 steps:

  1. take the handlebar and attach it to an open quick release;
  2. keep insert the shaft stem until the button locks;
  3. adjust the quick release;
  4. charge the battery fro 12-18 hours for great and continuous performance;



For a long life of the scooter, one should follow 3 simple steps of maintenance:

  1. Hardware – all the tools are provided for checking the nuts, bolts, motor, chain and cable;
  2. Brakes – a special brake lever adjuster is provided for the right braking action;
  3. Handlebar and Frame – no crack or even little damages should be seen on this parts of the scooter;



The best feature of this electric scooter is that it is an amazing investment in the future as it can be used by children from 11 and above 13. Other its pluses are: longevity, easy maintenance and assembling, eco-friendliness, powerful and quiet motor, safe ride and many others. Yet if you wish to present your child something more powerful, take a look at the Razor E300. All in all with any electric scooter by Razor kids will have fun and pleasure from riding it.


RAZOR E200 electric scooter for 13-year old kids
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