Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Razor E100 electric scooter review

Most of the kids would love a side-kick scooter as a gift, especially if it’s an electric scooter. The Razor E100 is just that kind of a product.The brand itself has been founded in the year 2000 and has been producing the world known goods for sports since after that time. The company manufactures snowboarding and BMX equipment, same as skateboarding and surfing gear. As soon as the side-kick scooters became popular they began developing their own model line too.


Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review

The features of a product

  • Chain-driven ultra-quiet motor

You can start the motor with a simple kick. It provides the high torque boosting the speed up to 10 mph. There is a twist-grip acceleration control for increasing/decreasing the speed.

  • Environmentally-friendly electric scooter
  • 24V rechargeable battery system

The battery charger is included into the packaging. It takes 12 hours for the battery to be fully charged.

  • 24 hours recharge time

Though you can use the appliance after 12 hours of charge, the 24-hours charging time will provide you with the maximum recharging.

  • Above 40 minutes of ride time
  • Appropriate for adults

There are models with larger deck and frame (E200 and E300)

  • Safety measures

The model comes with rear wheel brakes that you can press with a left hand.

  • Spring-loaded kickstand

Your scooter won’t lie on the ground anymore. You can stand it anywhere you want.

  • A smooth ride

The scooter rides smoothly thanks to the 8-inch Pneumatic front tire.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable weight – 31 pounds
  • Dimensions: 32.5” x 16” x 36”

What makes the Razor E100 differ from other models?

Among the things that it different from the others are the following:

  • It is cheap compared to the other models
  • It offers more stable and smooth riding
  • The scooter comes with a hand-operated acceleration control and rear brakes

But the main benefit that comes from this model is its long battery life. Besides, as we said before, it offers over 40 minutes of riding time. The kids are just happy with this device. Also, the Razor E100 is easier to assemble, taking no longer than 15 minutes of your time.

The assembling

There is a hex wrench included to the packaging that helps a lot with installing the device. Here are the tips to make the correct installation:

  • Attaching the handle bar
  • Open the quick release and press the button at the front fork
  • Insert the stem and press it until the button is locked
  • Adjust the quick release and secure the stem
  • Plug one end of a charger into the port on a scooter and the other into the wall outlet
  • The initial charging time can be prolonged up to 18 hours

The maintenance

Adjusting the brake cable is done by threading the cable adjuster on a hand gear. For tighter grip, loosen the brakes with 10mm open wrench, then, adjust the brakes according to your preferences. If you need to replace the front wheel, do the following:

  • Use the 10mm open wrench to loosen the brake cable
  • Use the 16mm open wrenches to loosen the locknuts
  • Replace the old wheel with the new one put all the above-mentioned parts into their positions.


  • It is sturdy and comes with an excellent price
  • The scooter offers a smooth and steady riding experience
  • It is easy-to-operate for every kid who’s above 8 years old (smaller kids can do it too, but it depends on their height and weight)
  • Long lasting battery. Also, the appliance can be used when there is no power left
  • Holds the weight up to 120 pounds


  • It still lacks some safety features, like locks and lights. So don’t let your kids ride it far from home
  • There is no adjustable handlebar, which may turn a bit uncomfortable for taller children
  • Brakes cannot be very efficient for kids below 65 pounds

The Verdict

The Razor E100 is a scooter that has a number of attractive features though it is not deprived of some minor drawbacks. If you look for a bright present for your child and don’t wish to burn down the family budget, this model is absolutely recommended by the majority of customers’ reviews.


Razor E100 Electric Scooter
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