Electric scooter for a 5-year old

When a kid is 5 years, there are plenty of different toys to buy for him/her. Yet the most exciting toy that would bring joy and lots of fun is, of course, an electric scooter. When children begin using an electric scooter at such an early age, with the years they would only like to continue riding it, yet changing it with a more advanced and latest model.

The first and foremost question all parents consider before buying an electric scooter for a 5-year-old kid is its safety. The manufacturers have already included all the safety & security features into absolutely every model and, therefore, it is 100% safe for even a 5-year old to ride this type of an alternative transport. Nevertheless, there are still a few rules children should be taught before riding.

Electric scooter for a 5-year old Review


  • The company manufacturers are designing and later producing safe scooters thanks to its design and additional settings. Apart from design, pay a special attention at the following features which would mean safety for your kid:
  • Speed – as a child is only 5, at the beginning it might be a little hard to control the speed using the twist-grip, after 2-3 rides there will be more confidence;
  • Deck – all electric scooters for kids are ridden in a standing position, therefore, make sure that the deck is wide enough to let your child have a comfortable feet position;
  • Brakes – depending on the model of an electric scooter, it can be stopped either thanks to brakes or push-button control;
  • Front wheel – to ensure an extremely smooth ride- opt for a large front wheel. It should be larger than an ordinary front wheel. One more advantage of a wide front wheel is that there is not chance of falling;
  • Handlebars – handlebars is one of the most important safety feature as kids learn how to manipulate the scooter with its help. It should be adjusted to a kid’s height so that he/she didn’t have to bend;

Taking into account all these features, an electric scooter for 5-year old will be absolutely safe.


If safety is your priority then have a look at the Pulse Safe Start.


The first reason why so many parents select exactly this scooter is that they are produced for small kids starting from 5 years. Having such an electric scooter will help your kid to learn to ride safely, to balance and to simply have fun.


Usually, electric scooters have only 1 front wheel whereas the Pulse Safe Start has 2 to ensure the kid’s safety. Moreover, you will also find brakes to stop the scooter at any time the kid wants.


  • The presence of 2 front wheels makes a kid feel more comfortable and independent. At the same time, it teaches to have great hand-eye coordination;
  • The maximum speed a child can reach is only 1.75 miles per hour. This slow speed means an absolute control over the scooter;
  • The shafts are smaller than in ordinary and bigger electric scooters thus making it easier for a child to control. And being even only 3-year old kid it is a great opportunity to learn how to balance;
  • Large deck ensures a comfortable standing position for a kid. It lets a child put the feet in a forward position for better balance instead of sideways;
  • Having such scooter means having a smooth ride, stability and easy –to-control settings. For example, a push-button control controls the smooth stop of the vehicle and urethane wheels make sure that a kid will not overturn;


  • Be an example – Before letting your kid ride, show him and explain how to do in a right way. First let him start learning on some even surfaces or alleys which are especially made for scooter riders. Show him how to use brakes and the twist-grip, how to turn left and right and of course how to control the speed;
  • Be close to your kid – at early stages of learning, don’t leave your child ride alone, on the contrary, accompany him/her everywhere giving some educational tips;
  • Cars on the sidewalks – when riding on the sidewalks, sometimes there are cases when cars are parked there too. What should a child do? Explain this to your kid too;
  • A helmet as a mean of safety – of course, all small kids when riding an electric scooter have to wear helmets as it is one more safety feature. Above all, in some states it is not allowed to ride a scooter without wearing it. When buying an electric scooter, along with it purchase a helmet too;
  • Additional safety & security measures – before riding, make sure that all the cracks or damages are absent and the scooter is in a super condition. Pay special attention to brakes – lose them or tighten up if it is needed. Then look at the wheels they should be attached properly. Teach your kid to follow these simple steps before having a fun ride.

Electric scooter for a 5-year old
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