Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter Review

4.5 eZip electric scooter by Currie Technologies review

The variety of electric scooters is really incredibly wide. Some of them have been produced especially for kids whereas others are aimed at elder group age. Despite this, all of them are a great mean of moving from one place to another that is not very far from the neighborhood e.g kids can go to their friends’ homes whereas adults can have a ride to the nearest store, park etc. Every electric scooter doesn’t and will never make any harm to the environment and, therefore, it is so safe for people of all ages (work from batteries). As the choice is really vast, just have an idea what exactly scooter you would like to have, what features it should be included and how much money can be spent on the purchase.The most popular electric scooter brand is the Currie Technologies and especially its model eZip E450. It includes not only reliability and safety but also high speed, long lasting battery and high-quality materials it is made of. Such transport as electric scooter is more cost-effective when comparing with a car, for instance. And of course, it is absolutely affordable for every budget. It will be easy and safe to cover distances for kids as well as heavy people. The E450 can be used every day and, therefore, no need to drive a car every time you need to reach some nearby place. Scooter will give you a chance to breathe fresh air and save the money for fuel at the same time.


Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter Review

Why Currie Technologies eZip E450? Because comparing it with other models aimed at adults, this brand and model offer amazing and extraordinary features, affordable price, long life battery and many other features. All the customers who bought this vehicle are extremely happy riding it for short distances.


  • The color of this particular electric scooter is red that is so loved by women and girls;
  • The materials it is made of are of a very high quality, for example, the frame is solid steel and the deck is non-slip;
  • The measurements are the following – length 45.1” inch, height 8.4”inch and width 17.9” inch. The overall weight of the vehicle is 52 pounds;
  • The battery of the eZip E450 is very good with motor functioning at 450w and a DC Earth Magnet;
  • The scooter is equipped with the SLA battery which consists of two 12V cells. In order to get the full charge, it needs from 6 to 8 hours. The battery can be charged up to 200 times after which it needs to be replaced;
  • There are 2 possible ways to ride this scooter: standing on it and seating. When standing – simply remove the seat whereas as sitting – just connect the seat back;
  • The maximum speed an adult can reach is 15 miles per hour. The scooter is able to cover 8 miles using only 1 charge yet it still depends on the quality of the surface as well as rider’s weight;
  • On the right handle of the scooter is a special monitor that depicts the battery life – to be exact how much charge is left;
  • This model is produced for people whose weight is not more than 180 pounds;
  • Apart from all the above-mentioned features, it also includes the following: from suspension fork, speed twist grip for changing it, 10”-inch tires that make the ride super smooth;

BENEFITS – eZip E450 by Currie Technologies

Compartment for storing the battery

Along with the scooter, one gets a special battery storage compartment. It is made of plastic therefore the battery will be always safe even when it is raining, or from moisture and dust. This feature is unique and will not be found in any other electric scooter model of any brand.

The battery can be charged as being inside the storage compartment as well as outside. When it is inside – simply use the port. When you wish to charge the battery separately – use the charger that is also included into the package. The way of charging already depends on your preference and comfort. Having this feature means having no problems and difficulties while the charging process.

Speed and Control

An electric scooter is an ideal transport for those who are looking for something easy-to-handle. Riding a scooter is as easy as riding a bicycle though no physical efforts are needed. It is just a perfect vehicle for covering short distances in a quicker time. Moreover, no special skills are required to manage it and ride. When riding for the first time, the speed can be adjusted to the minimum until the time when a person gets used to it and later with every ride the speed will reach the so desirable 15 miles per hour.



  • As the scooter is red, it is very loved by women. Therefore, the eZip E450 is made in a way so that women could easily ride it even wearing high heel shoes;
  • The latest and advanced technologies are used when making this electric scooter. Yet except being very powerful and qualitative it is also very attractive from the beautiful side;
  • The battery is rechargeable and, therefore, saves money for buying a new one every time the battery is low;
  • Can be used for people with weight of up to 180 pounds;
  • A special charge indicator that is located on the right side demonstrates how much charge is left;
  • The warranty for this particular model is 3 months, during which it can be repaired, defects can be covered etc;
  • The main goal of this electric scooter is to ride to your friends’ places, nearest stores, parks and other places in the neighborhood;


  • With this scooter it will be hard to ride on some uneven roads or surfaces yet still possible and safe;
  • Some customers mentioned not regular performance of the battery after 4-5 months;
  • As there are two ways to ride the scooter – in a sitting and standing way, some people find it a little difficult to manage the scooter in a standing position;


  1. When riding a scooter on a high maximum speed it is advisable to wear a helmet especially if children do it. In this way, no injuries are possible even when falling;
  2. This electric scooter model is made for adults, yet it would be a great gift for children above 12 years. Before presenting it to your kids, make sure they know how to ride it safely and control the speed;

Installation and Maintenance

The installation of the scooter is extremely easy as it is designed especially for those who love to ride few miles. The special tool kit is provided along with the purchase with the help of which one can connect a seat or remove it when wishing to ride in a standing position.

When something doesn’t work when assembling the scooter, ask others to help you to make the installation faster and proper. Always remember to pay special attention to the nuts and bolts which require special skills.

If there is no experienced person around, take an included manual. With its help, everything will become immediately clear and simple. In order to make the scooter work, check the following: battery connection and if it is charged, turn on/off button and the fuse.


When selecting a perfect and suitable electric scooter, a lot of research should be done. Speaking about the Currie Technologies eZip E450 it includes not only pleasant to an eye price and look but also durability, high quality, fast speed and 2 comfortable ways of riding it. People who have bought this vehicle and have been using it for a certain period of time are very happy and satisfied with its excellent performance. Therefore all the reviews you will find on different sites are positive in its majority.

The eZip E450 will be great fun transport not only for adults but for kids too which they might use when going to school or to their friends. There is even no need to search for something else and waste the time. The Currie Technologies E450 is definitely worth buying.


Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter Review
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