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Advantages of having electric scooters

An electric scooter is such an amazing vehicle that is ridden by both adults and kids. Many companies and consequently manufacturers are doing their best at improving each existing model with appearing of new technologies. They are not only eco-friendly but also safe and reliable in terms of riding on uneven or rocky surfaces and roads. Yet there is always a question – how to select the best among all electric scooters? What features should be paid attention to?

You will find many companies that produce electric scooters and, of course, each and every model has its own exceptional features which differ according to the age group. For instance, when selecting a scooter for a 10-year old, parents take into account certain features, whereas if a kid is above 13 other features should be included in a vehicle.

To make the right choice, a lot of research is needed based on quality, durability, life battery, installing, maintenance and other not less important factors.


  • Top Rated Scooters

  • Weight capacityWeight capacity
  • RangeRange
  • Max. speedMax. speed
  • WeightWeight
  • WarrantyWarranty
  • Customer ratingCustomer rating
  • Razor

  • E200

  • Weight capacity154 lbs
  • Range10 Miles
  • Max. speed12 mph
  • Weight38.7 lbs
  • Warranty1 Year
  • Customer rating4.2 out of 5
  • Super

  • 36v Turbo

  • Weight capacity250 - 300 lbs
  • Range10 Miles
  • Max. speed10 accounts under one domain18 - 27 mph
  • Weight75 lbs
  • Warranty1 Year
  • Customer rating4.2 out of 5
  • Razor

  • E100

  • Weight capacity120 lbs
  • Range8 Miles
  • Max. speed10 mph
  • Weight25.4 lbs
  • Warranty90 Days
  • Customer rating4.2 out of 5


Electric scooters have more pluses when comparing it with ordinary ones. Having an electric scooter a child can reach some places in the neighbourhood in a shorter time. Also, they have a very nice design and range of colours. Try to get as much detailed information about the scooter as you can as they have multiple features aimed at certain ages that, for example, will not be suitable for 8-year-old whereas for 13-year-old kids it would be absolutely safe.

Here are some of main and most important advantages of electric scooters mentioned by the trusted customers who have been using them:

  1. No license is required – all electric scooters have limited speed and, therefore, are absolutely safe both for riders and people who walk around. Scooters for kids don’t require any license though some electric scooters for adults require a minimum licensing requirements;
  2. Safety and security – the first and foremost point parents need to pay attention to is of course child’s safety. Different types of scooters have different safety features, such as, for example, acceleration control that is hand-operated and a rear brake. Some models even offer a backlight;
  3. Best transport ever – when comparing it with a car, it becomes clear that a scooter is way cheaper and doesn’t need money for fuel, special maintenance etc. Therefore when selecting an alternative way of reaching some places, an electric scooter would be the best option. Plus it is cost-effective and will serve you for several years;
  4. Comfort and convenience – when looking for a scooter you will find out that 2 ways of riding it are possible: in a standing and sitting position. No doubts kids prefer a standing position whereas heavy people would opt for the sitting one. One more convenience is the frame that is long enough to not bend and have a good control over the vehicle;
  5. Eco-friendly – electric scooters are absolutely safe for nature and environment thanks to their chain operated motor, which, by the way, doesn’t make any noise. The motor works from batteries and, therefore, no smoke is possible;
  6. Maintenance – all electric scooters that are aimed at children are very easy to maintain and don’t require any special skills for that. Their design is simple too yet durable and qualitative. When maintaining a scooter pay a special attention to brakes, deck and handlebars. In most cases, the front tires are pneumatic meaning no chances of a flat tire;
  7. Portability – almost all electric scooters are portable and can be taken on vacation, for example. The only thing one will need to do is to separate all the parts from each other. When there occur issues with a motor, take a vehicle to the garage and fix it;
  8. Price – electric scooters are very affordable and suitable for any pocket. It is possible to find a great scooter with multiple features for only 100 dollars;
  9. Parking – as a scooter is a small type of transport there won’t be any difficulties with parking. They require some small place or it can always be taken with you – it is not forbidden;
  10. Have fun – kids of 8 and above 13 years just love riding an electric scooter. It is a fast way to get to their friends’ houses or some park but moreover be independent. With an electric scooter parents should not worry about safety, a child will always be safe;
  11. Ability to keep riding without the battery – lots of kids like trying to ride their scooter when the battery isn’t charged and for riding they use their feet. Some scooters have light weight, in this case, it is an advantage as it is easier to move it. Not sure adults would love using their feet, but kids definitely will;
  12. Always smooth way – no matter how uneven the surface is wide tires will make your journey as smooth and pleasant as possible;
  13. Assembling – all electric scooter manufacturers along with the purchase provide a manual and tool kit for assembling. An experienced man can do it in less than 15 minutes. Being a novice it will take a little longer;
  14. Save the time – living in industrial cities full of traffic jams isn’t easy and very often people are late etc. In order to make the journey faster even through the park, mall or subway – take an electric scooter with you. The only thing you will have to do is recharge the battery and keep riding to new places. An electric scooter will not only save your time in traffic jams or gas stations but also money you could have spent on parking lots and fuel;


Most of the people tend to think that scooters are counted for kids only though it is not true. Every manufacturer is now making electric scooters for absolutely everyone above 10 years. That’s the reason why they are divided for certain group ages.


Many adults use electric scooters to get to work and other places having in mind that it is faster than get stuck in a traffic jam when driving a car. Also, it is absolutely safe and some scooters are produced for women riding in high heels.

Such kind of transport is getting more and more popular not only in America but in many other countries because it is cheap, doesn’t require much maintenance and is easy to assemble. Moreover, it can be ridden in such places where a car can’t – parks, walkways, malls, subways etc. Even during vacation you can take it with you by simply separating the parts. Don’t forget that it will not take much place in your car or wherever you put it.


When first creating a scooter, of course, it was made and aimed at bringing joy and fun to children and teenagers only. With the time, newer, improved and more advanced models were produced. They had difference in size, features, age group, weight management etc. Now all these features are getting even more improved due to the latest technologies and innovations.

Some parents are worried about the safety and it is clear as a kid might fall. For this purpose, special safety and security features were included in each model. For example, brakes, speed control, wide inflatable tires and others.

The speed a child is capable of reaching is 10 miles per hour though some models offer 15 miles per hour (for children above 13). The deck isn’t high and in case if the scooter goes out of control a kid can simply jump off it.


4.5 eZip electric scooter review

One of the most popular and top-ranked American electric scooter brands is the Currie Technologies and especially its model eZip E450. It includes not only reliability and safety but also high speed, long lasting battery and high-quality materials it is made of. This model offers amazing and extraordinary features, style, affordable price, long life battery and many other features. All the customers who bought this vehicle are extremely happy riding it for short distances. Therefore, its advantages are definitely worth mentioning.


  • The color of this particular electric scooter is red that is so loved by women and girls;
  • The materials it is made of are of a very high quality, for example, the frame is solid steel and the deck is non-slip;
  • The measurements are the following – length 45.1” inch, height 8.4”inch and width 17.9” inch. The overall weight of the vehicle is 52 pounds;
  • The battery of the eZip E450 is very good with motor functioning at 450w and a DC Earth Magnet;
  • The scooter is equipped with the SLA battery which consists of two 12V cells. In order to get the full charge, it needs from 6 to 8 hours. The battery can be charged up to 200 times after which it needs to be replaced;
  • There are 2 possible ways to ride this scooter: standing on it and seating. When standing – simply remove the seat whereas as sitting – just connect the seat back;
  • The maximum speed an adult can reach is 15 miles per hour. The scooter is able to cover 8 miles using only 1 charge yet it still depends on the quality of the surface as well as rider’s weight;
  • On the right handle of the scooter is a special monitor that depicts the battery life – to be exact how much charge is left;
  • This model is produced for people whose weight is not more than 180 pounds;
  • Apart from all the above-mentioned features, it also includes the following: from suspension fork, speed twist grip for changing it, 10”-inch tires that make the ride super smooth;
  • The scooter is very portable due to its folding handlebars design. Therefore, it can be put anywhere and taken later when it is needed;



Super Turbo-1000 Elite electric scooter review

Being an adult and having a desire to purchase a scooter, the best option would be the Super Turbo 1000w electric scooter manufactured by the Super Cycles and Scooters – one of the most successful companies in producing electric scooters. Super Turbo 1000W is extremely powerful, the price is affordable, the charging time is only 4 hours, the materials it is made of are of a very high quality consequently it is durable and reliable. Having this scooter means having an opportunity to ride everywhere from the roads to parks. Have a look at its exceptional benefits which you will get when riding it. They will definitely help you to make the right choice and great eco-friendly investment for several years.


  • Safety and security – the Super Turbo is a very reliable electric scooter thanks to its safe chain drive system that makes the ride smooth even if the surface isn’t in its the best condition; Plus you will find an improved LED headlight;
  • Speed – the maximum speed one is capable of reaching with this particular electric scooter is 30 miles per hour that is absolutely safe for adults. Yet when children or teenagers try to ride it, it is better to look after them as it is a little bit fast for such age group;
  • Speed models – 2-speed models are included in the scooter, they are: Turbo and Econo mode. These two modes have different functions. For example, the Turbo mode covers miles with faster and higher speed, whereas Econo is aimed at slowing down the speed thus saving the charge in the battery. Thanks to this it would not be hard to cover some extra miles with a single charge;
  • Charge time – the battery life is extremely long, it can be charged the whole 600 times before a need to replace it with a new one. The charging itself takes not more than 5 hours for a full charge and consequently high performance of the scooter;
  • Weight – the weight of the Super Turbo electric scooter isn’t very light – it is 85 pounds;
  • Frame – the whole vehicle is produced of high-quality materials and the frame is not an exception. It is made of high tension steel;
  • Variety of accessories – when buying this electric scooter, along with it, you will get the following: seat and seat pole that can be removed, charger, storage bag, tool kit for assembling, LED headlight that is so needed when riding in the dark and, of course, the manual;
  • Some additional features – the Super Turbo 1000w has 3 special and extraordinary features, such as – 1. front end suspension; 2. front and rear disc brakes; 3. front chrome mono swing shock system;
  • The scooter has been on the market for 10 years already and is getting improved with appearing of new technologies and innovations. Also, it has more than 300 positive feedbacks from customers;
  • The presence of a storage bag;
  • With its folding design it is easy to put it in the car and later take it off when it is needed;



UberScoot 1000w electric scooter by Evo boards review

The UberScoot electric scooter is manufactured by a well-known UK company Evo Powerboards. Their scooters are very advanced in terms of safety and quality which mean so much for parents.


  • The battery life is very long and rechargeable. It has 250 cycles and gets a full charge in 8 hours;
  • All parts of the scooter are made of steel which only proves it is quality and durability;
  • To save the battery life a special Economy Mode was designed;
  • The weight of the UberScoot 1000W is 70 lbs;
  • It is possible to fold the vehicle;
  • Weight management is 265 lbs;
  • The warranty it comes with is 2 months during which all the damages are repaired at the company’s cost;
  • The maximum speed an adult can reach with this particular electric scooter is 25 miles per hour;
  • The age group the scooter is aimed at is above 12;
  • The speed is controlled due to a twist-grip throttle. Therefore even a child can have a perfect control over this alternative type of transport;


Coming closer to the process of selecting the top ranked scooter for kids, there is always a question of safety especially when it comes to electric scooters which are becoming more and more popular with each and every day. The Razor manufacturers offer quite a big choice of electric scooters for kids between 10 and 14. All the reviews and feedbacks left by the trusted customers only prove its durability and quality as well as children’s joy and excitement from using them. All this is thanks to a wide experience of the Razor company and its manufacturers that have been on the market for many years and keep improving their models including the latest and advanced technologies.


Razor E100 electric scooter review


–     Very affordable and reasonable price for all the included features – 110-140 dollars;

–    The battery that goes with the scooter is rechargeable and is 12V. To charge the battery, you will find a special UL charger and it will not take more than 12 hours to get it fully charged and be ready to be used again. Yet the best feature is that it is even possible to ride it without the battery;

–    The E100 electric scooter is of a very high quality. The front tire is 8” inch pneumatic and the rear wheel is 4.9-inch polyurethane. All these means that the ride will be very smooth;

–    Though the scooter is electric, almost no noise can be heard due to the chain-driven motor. The maximum speed a child can reach is 10 miles per hour which is absolutely safe for any kid between 8 and 10 years;

–    All the tools for maintenance and assembling are included into the purchase;

–    The weight of the E100 is 31 pound, which means that it easy to put it together and later move even for a child;

–    Being of 31 pound, the scooter is capable of riding and holding a kid of max 120 pounds;

–    In case if a child wants to have a break and stop riding an electric scooter, he/she can easily use the hand-operated rear brake that will stop the scooter from further riding;

–    If a child is less than 10 years old, 2 special features were designed: deck and frame/hand-operated twist-grip throttle control;

–    The Razor E100 doesn’t make any harm to the environment as it is eco-friendly and doesn’t produce any emission thus making it safer for children riding it too.




Razor E200 electric scooter review



  • The deck is spacious which makes it more comfortable for a user;
  • Long shaft with the ability to adjust it to a certain needed height;
  • Measurements of the E200 scooter are following: 37”x16”x42”;
  • The weight of the scooter is 40 pounds;
  • The continuous run time of this particular model is more than 45 minutes which a little bit better comparing with the Razor E100;
  • The scooter is extremely easy to assemble and it will not take longer than a second for a child to start it by simply making a push with a leg;
  • The life of the battery is very good – 24V. For charging, there is a special UL charger and will take about 18 hours to get the full charge;
  • No harm is caused to the environment when using this scooter as it is a zero-emission model.
  • The front pneumatic tire is 8 inch and the rear polyurethane wheel is 4.9” inch;
  • The max speed is 12 miles per hour and can be controlled thanks to hand operated twist-grip acceleration control. When having a desire to stop and have a break, a child uses a rear brake;
  • The most surprising point is the price which varies from 150 to 190 dollars per unit.



Electric scooter Razor E300 review


  • The assembling of this particular scooter is very simple and will not take more than 15 minutes. Its maintenance is simple too therefore a child can look after it;
  • An extremely powerful motor – 300 watts. It is 50% stronger comparing with the E200;
  • The battery life is very good though similar with the E200. Both models offer a continuous run time of more than 45 minutes;
  • This electric scooter is able to hold a kid that is up to 220 pounds as the construction is very durable and qualitative;
  • Comparing acceleration control of all 3 models from Razor, the E300 has the most advanced one, therefore the majority of people stop their choice exactly at this model;
  • When buying the E300, you will also get all the necessary tools as well as instructions and manual;
  • The front tire is pneumatic and is 10”inch;
  • The width of the deck is 17”inch and length is 41” inch – offering an extreme comfort when riding;



  • There are some tips and hints how to select the best and cheapest electric scooter.
  • Online – buying electric scooters online is the best way to get the cheapest price and perhaps even some discount. Moreover, it is also possible to get free shipping as most of the e-commerce sites offer it;
  • The matter of budget – having researched the prices in various sites, set your own including or excluding the shipping;
  • Discount – don’t buy your desirable electric scooter as soon as you see it, wait a little and in a few days it will come with a lucrative discount. More often such discounts happen on holidays: Christmas, New Year, Labor Day etc.
  • Rating – always pay special attention to the customer’ reviews as only they demonstrate the real situation of this or that scooter model. These feedbacks will definitely help you to make the right final choice;
  • Always select among famous and well-known brands: Razor, Currie Technologies, Super Cycles & Scooter and of course Evo Powerboards.



  • Purpose – the scooter type depends on the purpose of using. How often are you going to use it? Every day to get to work or you simply want to buy it for your kids to enjoy riding in the park or outside the garden?
  • Speed – when buying an electric scooter for kids, it is would be wise to opt for scooters with 10-15 miles per hour range. When it is for an adult – opt for a higher speed;
  • Weight management – weight is directly connected with the performance of any electric scooter. The heavier the person is the slower it will ride;
  • Continuous run time – the ride time depends on every model. But on average it is 40-55 minutes;
  • Battery and charging – the quality of every battery is different depending on the model. Yet in general, the charging might take from 4 till 18 hours;
  • Electric scooter for kids cost around 100-350 dollars, for adults – 200-450 dollars.


Before riding your electric scooter, don’t forget about the safety by following 4 simple steps:

  • Presence of cracks or damages – this is especially important when you purchase a scooter for a child. Try to teach him to pay special attention at cracks or damages that might appear on the scooter;
  • Rear brakes – also very important fact as their purpose is to stop the scooter. Therefore when checking, make sure that it is not too free or too hard.
  • Recharge – in most cases the recharging lasts for up to 18 hours and later it is more than enough for a kid to ride for 2-3 days;
  • Weight management – always pay attention at the weight the scooter is capable of holding;


No special skills are required for maintaining an electric scooter. All you need is the manual that is included along with the purchase. The maintenance includes the following:

all the tools are provided for assembling or separating the parts;

chain, brakes and motor can be tightened or loosen up;

the front tire can be replaced with the given tools and instructions in the manual;


When selecting an electric scooter base your choice at your or your child’s needs and preferences. In terms of best and advanced features and technologies, the Super Turbo 1000W would be a great option yet it is more expensive than other above-mentioned models, though absolutely worth the money.

For kids and teenagers, the best choice would be the Razor E300 – long lasting, reliable, with high speed and smooth ride electric scooter. All in all the choice is after you.

PictureModelUser RatingWeight ClassReviewCheck Price
1Razor E3004.899kg/218lbsOur ReviewBUY-NOW
2Razor E2004.769kg/152lbsOur ReviewBUY-NOW
3Razor E175554kg/119lbsBUY-NOW
4Razor E1504.754kg/119lbsBUY-NOW
5Razor E1254.854kg/119lbsBUY-NOW
6Razor E1004.654kg/119lbsOur ReviewBUY-NOW
7Razor E904.450kg/110lbsBUY-NOW
8Razor eSpark4.954kg/119lbsBUY-NOW
9Razor Trikke E24.854kg/119lbsBUY-NOW
10Razor Pocket Mod577kg/169lbsBUY-NOW
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